Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Janette Duhm

Name: Janette M. Duhm

Currently living in: Moline, IL

Email address:

Favorite memory from H.S: I have too many memories to be able to pick a favorite, but I would have to say that I miss going to the different sports events and cheering on the Maroons. It’s just not the same now!

What you did after High School: First I attended BHC and after receiving my AA & AS I transferred to Augustana College. At Augie I studied Psychology and received my BA. While there, I sang in the choir, danced for the school and joined a sorority, Sigma Pi Delta. I also had the opportunity to study for a trimester in Europe: London, Munich & Paris…with much traveling in between. After graduating and realizing that I couldn’t do much with a BA in Psychology, I worked for a couple years while applying for graduate schools. During this time I continued to perform with the QC Music Guild in a number of shows and with the QC Steamwheelers as a Deckmate. After finding the perfect program for me, I continued on to get my MA in Counseling Psychology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School near Chicago, which I just completed this past spring.

College Attended: Black Hawk College, Augustana College and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Degree(s) Received: AS, AA, BA in Psychology, MA in Counseling Psychology

Current Job: Seeking…

Family: Single

Hobbies: I still enjoy singing and dancing – performing with the Quad City Music Guild. I also love reading for fun, but actually find that I miss reading for school! Lately I have taken up crocheting. I love to spend as much time as possible outside doing just about anything…hiking, biking, camping, spelunking, kayaking/rafting, disk golf, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball…etc! In the free time I have, I like to do all of the above or just relax with friends and nice glass of wine or margarita!

Achievements: Completing my Masters degree. Also the musicals and dance squads. Since high school I have also been able to travel around the world everywhere from Europe to South America to Australia!

Future Goals or anything you’d like to share: I am hoping to soon decide where I would like to live! Then I can get a job and work towards state licensure in Counseling Psychology. I am currently looking at the Madison, WI area where my boyfriend lives. If that doesn’t work out, Chicago will be the next place on my list! Then, who knows, maybe on to get my PhD in Psychology. I would love to focus on early childhood development, specializing in PCIT (Parent-Child Interaction Therapy).

Erin Posten

Name: Erin Poston

Currently living in: Bloomington, IL

Email address:

Favorite memory from H.S: Hanging with Colby and Liz in Co-op!

What you did after High School: went to college

College Attended: Black Hawk, Heartland Community College and Illinois State University

Degree(s) Received: Associate in Arts & Bachelors of Science

Current Job: Office Manager of a small Internet Media Company

Family: Single, but dating Tom (in pic) for over 8 years and will be planning a wedding someday in the near future! No kiddies yet!

Hobbies: Honestly, hanging with friends, playing games- board and card, traveling and visiting any National Park I can!

Achievements: I did my college summer internship at Yellowstone National Park and had the time of my life! Can’t wait to get back out west and get a job at one of the bigger parks out there!!!!

Dan Tillbert

Favorite memory from H.S: Hoe Downs

What you did after High School: school on and off, worked for John Deere Security, got married, had a baby

College Attended: U of I, Black Hawk, Western

Degree(s) Received: Associates of Arts from Dirty Bird

Current Job: Mobile Security Officer for John Deere Security

Family: Married to Annie (Dockery-Jackson), 16 month old daughter Liana

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends on and off computer

Achievements: We just bought our first house. Not burning down new house while doing home improvements!! Slowly clawing my way through school while working 40+ hours per week.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Veronica Palmer

Name: Veronica (Palmer) Emmert

Currently living in: Orion, IL

Email address:

Favorite memory from H.S: friends

What you did after High School: raised my daughter and worked, years later had more children and got married

College Attended: went to Trinity School of EMS and the to Blackhawk

Degree(s) Received: EMT-B and then let it expirer

Current Job: stay at home mom and wife

Family: Married to a wonderful man Rob, and have 3 fun kids Reagan 11, Lillyann 3, and Mason 1

Hobbies: with three kids and a husband in Kuwait no time for hobbies

Achievements: just my kids

Crystal Bray

Name: Crystal Lethert (Bray)

Currently living in: Minnesota

Email address:

Favorite memory from H.S: Choir

What you did after High School: After high school I attended Augustana for a year and a half before making the move up north. I then began taking classes at a community college in Minnesota while working as a Financial Assistant at the University of Minnesota. Eventually got married and a short time later divorced.

College Attended: Augie/Normandale

Current Job: Lead Financial Asst-U of MN

Family: Divorced without any children.

Hobbies: I suppose my biggest “hobby” would be working out. Other than that, I enjoy spending time with family, traveling, and interior design.

Achievements: I guess the only real achievement I’ve acquired since high school would be knowledge as to what makes me happy. I have an average job that makes me very happy and a few friends that are true and wonderful. I’ve learned that it’s no longer important to me to have the most money, biggest house, or nicest car.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Heather Schmidt

Name: Heather Schmidt

Currently Living: Moline, IL

Email Address:

Favorite memory from HS: Passing notes with Alicia Ferguson in the sound and lighting booth of Aud during shows.

What you did after High School: went to ISU for theatre, have done and still doing theatre all over the country.

College Attended: Illinois State University

Degree(s) Received: B.S. in Theatre Education, got my teaching certificate in theatre

Current Job: Prop Master for Tulsa Opera in Tulsa, OK as well as trying to start up my own interior painting and decorating company here in Moline

Family: still single, but absolutely loving spending time with my nephew Tyler whenever I can.

Hobbies: arts and crafts

Achievements: graduating college, moved to NYC for awhile, working professionally in Theatre

Future Goals or anything you would like to share: Would love to open a theatre with a summer program for kids someday.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bobby Whitfield

Name: Bobby Whitfield

Currently living in: Ft Collins, Colorado but moving to Arlington, VA in December

Email address:

Favorite memory from H.S: Graduating

What you did after High School: I moved to PA immediately after graduating and went to PennState for a year and was a manager at WallyMart. After that I spent about 6 years in the Marine Corps special operations community. When I got out I taught High Performance Driving and firearms in VA for a while, then I took a job with the Department of State teaching hostage rescue to anti-kidnap teams in Bogota, Colombia. I moved to Colorado shortly after returning from Colombia and started a firearms training & consulting company that is now one of the largest in the western US. I sold that company in January of 2006 although I still teach and write many of the courses. I worked in Pakistan for a bit before I went to Iraq running protective details for “VIPs” moving around aimlessly. Now, I am still in Iraq however I have switched agencies and I love what I do, although after 22 months in this place I am ready for a break.

College Attended: PennState, American Public University

Degree(s) Received: Finishing a Bachelors in Middle Eastern Studies online.

Current Job: Small unit team leader supporting intelligence gathering operations in Iraq.

Family: Someday when I’m ready to stop working overseas.

Hobbies: Nutrition & fitness, thrill seeking, guitar, travel, fast cars.

Achievements: Doing everything I want to do, when I want to do it with no restrictions.

Future Goals or anything you’d like to share: I will retire at the age of 35 and move to a hurricane-free beach where I will do nothing but spend time with my family, play volleyball, pick away at my guitar and drink tequila.

Tony Spranger

Name: Tony Spranger

Currently living in: Moline, IL

Email address:
Favorite memory from H.S: The support I received from my classmates when I decided to step away from basketball

What you did after High School: After school I attended NCU and graduated in 2001. But during my college career I broke my ankle, returned to play basketball for 2 yrs for my college, got married.

College Attended: North Central University, Minneapolis, MN

Degree(s) Received: BA in Youth Ministry

Current Job: Youth Pastor

Family: Married Amber Gay from Rock Island
Been married for 8.5 years
2 boys (caleb(5) and Joshua (3))
Our English bulldog (liberty) who is 5 months old

Hobbies:Reading music, playing basketball, spending time with my family, watching movies, hanging out with the students in my youth ministry.

Achievements: Graduated college
Happily married for 8.5 years
Finally had an opportunity to play on the same team as my brother in a Bettendorf city league for basketball. We both averaged 20+ points and won the championship in back to back games with only 5 guys.

Future Goals or anything you’d like to share: would love to go back to school for my masters in youth ministry and to be able to take my wife on a cruise for our 10 year anniversary.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Sara Votroubek

Name: Sara Husser (Votroubek)

Currently living in: Davenport

Email address:

Favorite memory from H.S: Football games and Homecoming, getting to hang out with your friends every day!

What you did after High School: Got a degree in computer-aided-drafting, worked for almost 7 years for an engineering firm doing drafting and design, then left to pursue a career in Real Estate

College Attended: Hamilton Tech

Degree(s) Received: Associates

Current Job: Realtor with Ruhl&Ruhl

Family: Married to my awesome hubby Brent. No kids, just two greyhounds that think they are kids!

Hobbies: Traveling, cooking, volunteering, spending time with our friends

Achievements: I am probably most proud of being single and owning my own home at 22. Also, it took me awhile to get up the courage to leave my “safe” job and make a career change into real estate.

Future Goals or anything you’d like to share: Someday we would like to have children. I am trying to enjoy life everyday and not look back!

Nick Passig

Name: Nick Passig

Currently living in: Burbank, CA

Email address:

Favorite memory from H.S: dating Jackson’s sister

What you did after High School: got my G.E.D.

College Attended: David Hasselhoff School of Ethics

Degree(s) Received: Certificate of Authenticity

Current Job: Translator, Univision/Telemundo

Family: No known children

Hobbies: tanning specialties

Achievements: ate 19 flapjacks at Wisconsin Dells

Adam Cornell

Name: Adam Cornell

Currently living in: Hollywood, CA

Favorite memory from H.S: shining my trophies

What you did after High School: stunt double for Burt Reynolds in multiple feature films

College Attended: Cornell University

Degree(s) Received: Doctorate, Human Relations

Current Job: Underwear model

Family: Yes - single

Hobbies: flossing

Achievements: dating Jackson’s sister

Christine Mathena

Christine Mathena

Currently living in: Moline


What you did after High School: Had two beautiful boys

College Attended: Brown Mackie College

Degree(s) Received: Paralegal Certificate

Current Job: Stay at home mom

Family: Jade 7 & Dylan 4 & Jeremy 9 yrs together

Achievements: The best thing ever for me is my boy’s they are my whole world!

Future Goals or anything you’d like to share: Plan on getting married and buying a house!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Steve Shelton

Steve Shelton

Currently living in:

Email address:

Favorite memory from H.S: Stripping down to women’s lingerie on stage in front of the student body during the first, and last, annual talent show put on by the legendary, Sue Wignall.

What you did after High School: Traveled through Europe, Graduated from college, moved to Chicago, lost my dog, my house and my woman, and became a country musician.

College Attended: St. Ambrose University

Degree(s) Received: Marketing, B.A.

Current Job: Sales, Qwest Communications

Family: Single

Hobbies: Music, Green Bay Packers, and haikus

Achievements: Played football through college….lived; traveled through Europe….barely lived; traveled to Florida with Craig Mawdsley and Brian Munoz….Craig barely lived; moved in with a girlfriend….she barely lived; thankfully, I had the “overcoming adversity” lectures from Coach Dan McGuire to guide me through.

Future Goals or anything you’d like to share: I plan on being retired by the time I’m 35……I also planned on marrying an Italian supermodel, but that didn’t pan out.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sarah Luth

Name: Sarah Svendsen (Luth)

Currently living in: Littleton, CO

Email address:

Favorite memory from H.S: Shampoo Runs after swim practice.

What you did after High School: Moved to Iowa City to go to attend college. I did my student teaching in Scotland and spent a short time traveling in Europe afterwards. I returned to the QC and was a substitute teacher in Bettendorf for the second half of that school year. I then took a job with Jefferson County School District in Colorado and ventured out west. It was a dream come true for me to be able to live here!

College Attended: The University of Iowa

Degree(s) Received: Bachelors Degree in Liberal Arts-Elementary Education and a minor in Business

Current Job: I am currently a 4th grade teacher in Littleton. Braved teaching 6th grade my first year…Oh the stories I could tell about those kids… and I’ve decided the kids are much nicer at 9 and 10!

Family: I got married just over a year ago to my husband Marc. We met in college and dated off and on for many years. After a long distance relationship (he was living in Phoenix) I finally convinced him to move to Colorado. Kids are somewhere in the future, but no time soon. We are enjoying and taking advantage of our “DINK” time.

Hobbies: I still love to ski and living in Colorado has made that a whole lot easier. I also love spending time with friends and family.

Future Goals or anything you’d like to share: I would eventually like to go back to school for a masters degree either in education or business.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Katrina Webb

Name: Katrina Webb

Currently living in: Seattle


Favorite memory from H.S: Homecoming Festivities were always fun

What you did after High School: Black Hawk for a semester then moved to the Grand Canyon Nat’l Park

College Attended: Black Hawk and Seattle Central

Degree(s) Received: Accounting Certificate

Current Job: PopCap Games/Facilities Director

Family: Just me!

Hobbies: Backpacking, live music – all kinds, travel, riding my motorcycle, gardening, photography…

Future Goals or anything you’d like to share: Would like to buy land in WA or OR and run a U-pick and CSA flower/herb farm.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Kelly Woner

Name: Kelly Woner

Currently living in: Chicago

Email address:

What you did after High School: Went to College

College Attended: Western Illinois & St. Xavier University (graduate school)

Degree(s) Received: Bachelor’s

Current Job: P.E. Teacher in Lombard, IL

Family: Living with boyfriend (Mike Skibbe) & dog (Ditka)

Hobbies: Beach Volleyball & Going to White Sox games

Achievements: Saw World Series game 2!!!!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Lora Erickson

Name: Lora Erickson

Currently living in:
Philadelphia, PA

Email address:

What you did after High School: I enjoyed four years at Taylor University and after graduation moved to Upper Darby, PA for a job at Arab World Ministries. For three years I was a Campus Mobilizer for AWM, traveling during the school year to universities to give seminars and recruit students. During the summers I took volunteer groups to the Middle East to study Arabic and/or teach English to refugees through the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees. In 2003 I moved to Sumatra, Indonesia for two years of mission work… 1 ½ years in south Sumatra studying language and culture and teaching English. Then after the tsunami, I moved up to north Sumatra (Aceh) for a few months and coordinated relief teams. I’ve been back in the States a year now and live in west Philadelphia.

College Attended: Taylor University

Degree(s) Received: B.A. in International Studies with a concentration in the Middle East

Current Job: Administrative Coordinator of Recruitment and Admissions for graduate programs in physical therapy at Drexel University

Family: Single

Hobbies: Traveling & spending time with friends

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Marlena Huston

Name: Marlena Urbain (Huston)

Currently living in: Davenport, IA

Email address:

What you did after High School: I attended Western Illinois University in Macomb for four years. After graduating, I started my first “real” job as a children’s therapist. I stayed in this position for two years when I decided to quit and return to school. I attended St. Ambrose University for two years where I received my Master’s degree in Social Work.

College Attended: See Above

Degree(s) Received: BA in Child Development and Family Life, MA in Social Work

Current Job: School Social Worker

Family: Married – celebrating our one year anniversary in October. Children – someday!

Hobbies & Interests: Photography, traveling, spending time with family and friends, shopping, board games, and remodeling our house.

Achievements: I would say that quitting my job and returning to school for my Master’s degree is something that I am proud of. I am also extremely blessed to have a wonderful husband and to still be living in the QCA with my family and some of my close friends. (Trust me, I have tried to leave several times!)

Future Goals or anything you’d like to share: My husband and I would like to have a family one day. I also aspire to learn more about photography and to one day pursue this passion as a career.

Monday, September 11, 2006

James Ealy

Name: James Ealy

Currently living in: Moline

Email address:

Favorite memory from H.S: Winning a team state title in wrestling

What you did after High School: Went to college

College Attended: Western Illinois University

Degree(s) Received: BA in Education

Current Job: Physical Education Teacher @ Moline High School

Family: Married w/ 2 children, Alyssa and Zander. Alyssa is 7 Zander is 1

Hobbies: Playing with my kids.

Achievements: New Head Wrestling Coach at Moline

Friday, September 08, 2006

Stacey Stubblefield

Name: Stacey Crawford (Stubblefield)

Currently living in: Rock Island (will be moving to Geneseo mid-September)


Favorite memory from H.S: too many to list

What you did after High School: went to college

College Attended: Black Hawk College

Degree(s) Received: AA (Liberal Arts)

Current Job: Patient Service Representative @ Community Health Care

Family: Married 3 years to Bryant Crawford –one son, Cohen is 2 years old.

Hobbies: bowling and riding (motorcycle)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Heather Jenkins (Harris)

Name: Heather Harris (Jenkins)

Currently living in: Galesburg, IL

Email address:

Favorite memory from H.S: It would probably have to be ADC.

What you did after High School: I went to Blackhawk for a couple years and then went to Western Illinois University. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. It is on my bookcase collecting dust. I was a teachers aide for a couple years but have never had my own class.

College Attended: Blackhawk College Western Illinois University

Degree(s) Received: Bachelors degree in Elementary Education

Current Job: Sales Manager at the Holiday Inn Moline

Family: I am married to my husband Josh and we have two daughters---Kensey 4yrs old and Kailyn 1 yr

Don’t have time. I am chasing two little girls around

Amy Edgar (Leuenhagen)

Name: Amy Leuenhagen (Edgar)

Currently living in: Walcott, Iowa

Email address:

Favorite memory from H.S: not really anything in particular…just hanging out with friends

What you did after High School: lived on my own for awhile for awhile, took some classes, then married and 2 kids

College Attended: Scott Community College

Degree(s) Received: none yet, but just started working on my accounting degree

Current Job: Billing Department at Metro Lab

Family: Married 3 years to Eric, 1 boy Austin turns 4 this month, 1 girl Kaitlyn 2

Hobbies: playing all day with my kids, hanging out with family and friends

Achievements: My family

Future Goals or anything you’d like to share: To get my degree and finish remodeling our house

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sarah Fortin (Thieme)

Name: Sarah J. Thieme

Currently living in: Moline,IL

Email address:

Favorite memory from H.S: Homecoming Senior Year, I went with a really good friend as my date and a lot of great friends. We had a blast! Contemporaires brings back some good memories too.

What you did after High School: College, Then moved back to the QC in December of 2000. I met my husband in February, but we started dating in June 2001 and were married in June of 2002.

College Attended: North Central University in Minneapolis,MN

Degree(s) Received: BA in Psychology

Current Job: I work for a company called Country Stone, Inc. I am the Shipping Coordinator.

Family: I’ve been married to Uriah Thieme for 4 years and we have 1 son. His name is Noah and he will be 2 on November 25th. We have a second son on the way. He is due on September 26th.

Hobbies: We are actively involved in our church, Heritage Wesleyan and help in their Hispanic ministry, Vida Nueva. Uriah plays guitar and I sing on the worship team. We love to spend time with our family. I also love to scrapbook, read, and (hate to admit it) am addicted to board games and card games. I just love spending time with people. I sell Beauticontrol on the side and really enjoy that as well.

Achievements: I have to say that my family is the greatest achievement I could ever have. My husband is amazing and our son is absolutely adorable (and I am sure that his little brother will be too). Hopefully, I can find a picture to post.

Future Goals or anything you’d like to share: We are planning to have at least one more child, maybe more, and eventually I want to be a stay-at-home mommy.

Angie Stevenson

Name: Angie Stevenson

Currently living in: Cuernavaca, Mexico

Email address:

Favorite memory from H.S: the Ho-Downs

What you did after High School: After high school I went to the University of Illinois in Champaign for two years, then to Augustana for three and graduated in 2001. I then moved to Cuernavaca to study Spanish more thoroughly and learn about the Mexican culture and its people. I met my boyfriend, Gabriel, that year and for that reason I’m still here. We moved to Barcelona for two years, but are back in Mexico and VERY happy to be back!

College Attended: University of Illinois and Augustana

Degree(s) Received: Bachelor’s Degree, TESOL certificate (to teach), and fluency certificate in Spanish

Current Job: 8th grade English teacher by day and college English professor at night

Family: Single (still) but will hopefully be getting married soon…What’s the rush?

Hobbies: Running, reading, and hanging out with friends….same as always.

Achievements: I think my greatest achievement has been living in two countries. It’s a BIG change, and sometimes almost impossible, but it has for sure been the best thing I’ve ever done. I speak Spanish fluently and thoroughly enjoy the relaxed life-style down here. If any of you EVER want to visit, you’ve always got a place to stay. We live two hours from Acapulco, so think about it. J

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bridget Peters (Penniston)

Name: Bridget Penniston (Peters)

Currently living in: Davenport, IA

What you did after High School: Worked

Current Job: Office Administrative

Family: Married to Joe Penniston for 9 yrs, w/2 daughters Olivia, 5 & Anna, 2

Hobbies: Taking care of kids & shopping

Achievements: Having a family and a new house.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Jenn Ferrel

Name: Jennifer Ferrel

Currently living in: North Liberty, Iowa

Email address:

Favorite memory from H.S: Graduating!!

What you did after High School: College

College Attended: Loras, Lake Superior State University, Kirkwood Comm. College

Degree(s) Received: Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science concentration in Athletic Training; Associates Degree in Nursing

Current Job: Intensive Care Nurse

Family: Single, Aunt to the two cutest boys ever

Hobbies: Volleyball, exercising, getting together with friends

Achievements: Too many to list!! :) Board Certified Athletic Trainer. Registered Nurse. Home Owner.

Future Goals or anything you’d like to share: In the future I am going to pursue a Master's in Nursing, specifically becoming a Nurse Practicioner.

Andrea Schoemaker

Name: Andrea Schoemaker

Currently living in: Moline, IL

Email address:

Favorite memory from H.S: Having all of my friends over for bonfires in my backyard

What you did after High School: Went to Blackhawk for a while then got a good job so I quit school! Now here I am finishing my degree in Elementary Education, and I will be finishing at Western Illinois in Moline. I was with Tom for almost 7 years, and we were married for almost 3. I had 2 amazing stepdaughters named Emily (9) and Camryn (7) who still feel like my own. However, we got divorced in 2005.

College Attended: Black Hawk

Degree(s) Received: Associate of Arts

Current Job: Running my own business called Planet Andrea, where I do Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Income Optimization, and Advertising. Pretty much traveling around the country going to webmaster conferences and networking. If anyone is around the Vegas area I'll be there quite a bit!

Family: Not married, no kids, just my dog Mikey

Hobbies: Scrapbooking, Traveling, playing World of Warcraft, Cooking, Fishing with my dad

Future Goals or anything you’d like to share: Get married again, and eventually have children of my own.

Emily Zerull

Name: Emily Zerull

Currently living in: Sycamore, Illinois

Email address:

Favorite memory from H.S: Being with friends, and I actually had a great time working at Whiteys throughout high school.

What you did after High School: Went to college

College Attended: Illinois State University

Degree(s) Received: B.S. Social Sciences

Current Job: Truancy Officer

Family: Dating

Hobbies: walking the dog, going downtown (Chicago), spending time with friends

Achievements: Working with at risk children, I was a Juvenile Probation officer for 2 years in Aurora Il. And then a Court Liaison Officer in the Iowa City area for 1.5 years, and now I have moved to Sycamore Il where I am now a Truancy Officer. I am also proud to own my first home.

Future Goals or anything you’d like to share: I would like to get married, have children, get back into probation, federal probation is a goal

Konrad Knary

Name: Konrad Kurtis Knary

Currently living in: Port Byron, IL

Email address:

Favorite memory from H.S: Parties at Justin Neels' parent's house!!

What you did after High School: Played baseball for Black Hawk College. Transfered to Augustana for Bachelor's Degree.

College Attended: Black Hawk, Augustana College

Degree(s) Received: Bachelor's Degree

Current Job: MetLife Auto & Home, Konrad Knary Insurance Agency

Family: Sarah Peterson and I are still dating...yes, I know it's been almost 13 years!

Hobbies: Golfing, Hockey, Coaching ASA softball

Kristin Longley

Name: Kristin Longley

Currently living in: Chicago

Email address:

College Attended: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Degree(s) Received: Bachelor in Accountancy

Current Job: I work for a railcar finance leasing company in the city.

Hobbies: Running, Traveling, Dining Out, Independent Films

Achievements: Currently training for the NYC Marathon

Dan Vize

Name: Dan Vize

Currently living in: Ottawa, IL

Email address:

Favorite memory from H.S: Before and after… Enjoyed a few of the classes and am certain there were good times within but nothing memorable that I can recall…

What you did after High School: Went to basic training for the Army 3 days after graduation followed by infantry training, airborne school and stationing at Ft. Bragg, NC

College Attended: Been to several throughout the years… Fayetteville Tech, Central Texas, University Of Maryland, Methodist College, Black Hawk College, and American Intercontinental University

Degree(s) Received: One of these days… 160 credits but no degree

Current Job: Range Control Officer for National Guard Training Center

Family: Long term relationship with Brandy and six year old daughter Tamara

Hobbies: Investing (stocks, options, commodities) you name it and I have or likely would invest in it if I found the right deal…
Collecting: Goes along with the investing as I’ll comply with my packrat nature on anything that may turn a profit later… Coins, cards, memorabilia… Still waiting for those baseball cards purchased throughout grade school to show some life J Perhaps my kids will see it…
Shooting, fishing, camping, spelunking, climbing, skydiving, scuba, like the outdoors stuff and enjoy anything new especially if it coincides with an adrenaline rush…

Achievements: Hmmmm not much for bragging, not that there is anything much to brag about anyhow… Suppose I’m on track for what I’ve had planned and what I want to be doing… Pretty happy so I suppose that’s the big achievement…

Jeff Ronk

Name: Jeffrey Hayden Ronk

Currently living in: Rock Island, IL

Email address:

Photo Album:

Favorite memory from H.S: Watching Sandy and Clay making out while dressed in drag at Kim’s Halloween party, hehe.

What you did after High School: I went to Blackhawk College for a couple of years majoring in English/Secondary Education. After those couple of years I decided that I really didn’t want to teach, and made up my mind to pursue a career in Law Enforcement. I quit school, and got a job working for the Rock Island County Circuit Clerks Office. I also started working for the Milan Auxiliary Police Department. After a couple of years of that I applied for both the Silvis, and Rock Island Police Departments. I made both lists, and was hired by the Rock Island Police Department. I have been working as a Patrol Officer now for a little over three years. I got married on 12-03-02, and then divorced in November of 2005. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell!

College Attended: Blackhawk College

Degree(s) Received: None

Current Job: Patrol Officer with the Rock Island Police Department.

Family: Married to Heidi Dunn for just under three years, then divorced. No children.

Hobbies: Reading, messing around on the computer, movies, camping (every now and then), hanging with pals.

Future Goals or anything you’d like to share: I’m pretty happy where I’m at right now. I would like to get married again, and have a family someday. But that is a long way off I think J As for work, I’m not quite sure what direction I want to go yet.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Angela Cassatt

Name: Angela Cassatt

Currently living in: Moline, IL

Email address:

Favorite memory from H.S: One of my favorite memories from H.S. has to be float building senior year, we had such a good time!!!

What you did after High School: Wasted lots of time and money trying to figure out what I wanted to be.

College Attended: Black Hawk College and Trinity College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Degree(s) Received: AA in Arts and AA in Science

Current Job: Surgical Technologist

Family: Single, Kayleigh 5 years and Kyle 3 ½ years

Hobbies: I know I sound old, but I enjoy knitting and I am on a bowling league. I spend lots of time with my children, friends and other family.

Achievements: Well, first and foremost, my children are the two greatest things that have ever happened to me. Becoming a mother is truly an amazing feeling and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. They have helped me to become the stronger person that I am today. In May of 2005, I graduated at the top of my class from Trinity College. This was a huge accomplishment for me. Having to give the Valedictorian speech at graduation was difficult, but I did it and loved every minute of my 15 minutes of fame!!!

Future Goals or anything you’d like to share: My future goals are to purchase my own home, continue my education, and continue to try and possibly be the greatest role model I can be for my children.